martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007

venezuela and brazil

  • the pico bolivar is longest than the pico da neblina

  • the weather in venezuela is hotter than the weather in brazil

  • brazil is more visited from tourist than venezuela

  • venezuela has the most largest lake of the world.

^^ megavitamax^^

PEDRO: hi, Carol why you were not in my party.
CAROL: oh, sorry, but I feel weak and exhausted this days.
CAROL: I think I’m going to be sick.
PEDRO: Oh no, don’t say that. Remember we have to do our exhibition of English, is very important.
CAROL: Yes, I know.
PEDRO: Why we don’t go to Daine’s pharmacy. She is a pharmacist and she is very friendly mine so that she could recommend you some medicine.
CAROL: Ok, because I feel very bad.
PEDRO: Hello, Daine.
DAINE: Hi, how are you?
PEDRO: I’m very fine, but my friend is not.
DAINE: What happens with her?
CAROL: I feel very weak.
DAINE: Don’t worry. I have the medicine for you problem.
DAINE: is Mega-Vitamax, is a vitamin complex that really works in the conduct of human metabolism. This vitamin strengthens those body parts that have already been weakened and are helpless after any viruses, or diseases such as influenza, pheulmoni, general fatigue, failure or lack of memory, as others has attacked them.
PEDRO: thanks for your help. Daine.
DAINE: Don’t worry, I assure you that your friend will feel better after taking Mega-Vitamax, because it is the best.
CAROL: I am sure that from now on Mega-Vitamax, will be in my life.


^^ the restaurant^^

Alex: hey luisa my girfriend`s birthday is tomorrow, what should I do?
Luisa: you can take her out for dinner.
Alex: what restaurant do you recomend?
Luisa: you should go to tony roma`s
Alex: what about the price?
Luisa: well... it`s pretty expensive, but they serves good food, they`re famous for ribs!
Alex: I guess, I should take her there, thank luisa.

in the restaurant:

alex: carol, I hopeyou like this restaurant?
Carol: It`s really nice! I like it a lot
Luis: what are you going to order lady?
Carol: I`ll have the filet mignon
Alex: I thougt you didn`t like to eat meat!
Carol: well, I like this kind of meat
Luis: what about you sir?
Alex: I will have the some! I´m glad that you liked this place!
Carol: thank you , you make every moment special.

sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2007

"my description"

I am fairly short, young with short brown hair and spikey hair stile. My eyes colour is brown. My general appearance is smart and well dressed.

I have you ever….

I have. I saw a circus show in Catatumbo last year.
I always eaten in the breakfast. I was a kid.
I have studied English.

I haven’t…..

I haven’t ridden a camel yet!
I haven’t smoked.
I haven’t drunk breeze.

"my presentation"

Hi, my name is Pedro Luzardo, but everybody calls me “Gordo”. I`m from Maracaibo. I`m 17 years old and I study Industrial engineering at urbe. I live in San Francisco in the Manzanillo.

I love playing volleyball and soccer, talking on the phone with my family and mi girlfriend. I love to sleep too. I love my mother, my father and my brothers.

I hate rock music, smoking, getting up early on weekends. I hate korn and metallica.

My dream is to visitic Francia and Las Vegas. Of course, I want to graduate from engineering.
And my opinion about English is that it’s very important but, I need to practice more. The most difficult for me is speaking